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Sports Funding - Norbury

Norbury Primary School and Nursery    

Sports Funding Statement July 2023

The Government allocates additional funding to schools to develop the quality, and increase the amount of sports provision for all children from Reception to Year Six.  Funding can only be used to help children to develop a healthy lifestyle and develop sustainable methods of improved provision which will offer children more than the basic requirements of the national curriculum.  It is designed to improve the quality of teaching and widen the range of opportunities available to all children.  We are obliged to publish the details of exactly how this funding has been spent each year and the impact that it has had upon children’s participation in sports and adventurous outdoor activities. 

At Norbury, we embrace a wide range of sports and encourage all children to try new ones whenever possible.  We encourage participation in team events and individual challenges which promote health and high self-esteem.  We also encourage children to be able to assess risks for themselves, in order that they can take part in adventurous activities in a safe manner with good supervision.  To see exactly how we provide these opportunities, just take a look through the gallery pictures on our website, or look at the pictures and reports on our Facebook page (invited guests only - please speak to Mrs Jess Roberts in the office if you have not received your invitation).

We use the funding to promote sustainability of sports provision by training Norbury staff members in new sports and activities as children play and learn.  One of the major obstacles to providing children with high quality sporting experiences in such a rural location is transportation.  For this reason, using the funding to provide transport is an essential part of our strategy.  We use funding for additional transport to enable us to use local facilities such as local village halls, Community College Bishop’s Castle and to enable us to take part in outdoor projects such as The John Muir Award, using local outdoor spaces.  You will see from our website, that we frequently travel further afield to places such as Bala, New Quay, Barmouth, Llangollen and many other places so that we can provide a wide range of outdoor and adventurous sports and activities.  These activities not only promote a healthy and active lifestyle, but also widen children’s experience of the world and develop confidence. To reduce costs and improve access and flexibility to all classes, as a Federation, we have leased two minibuses using sports funding from our three schools.  Where buses have been used for activities other than sports and health promotion, School/Chirbury School Friends has paid money back into the Sport Funding budget on a per mile basis.  This will then be used to support further sporting opportunities.

In the year 2022/23 we received £16523. This was spent on the following:

*Please note that during the Covid period, usual spending was restricted due to restrictions in place and during this time substantial reserves were accrued.  We have chosen to spend much of these reserves on the purchase of high-quality equipment that gives children the opportunity for healthy, physical play and activity every day. 

*Also note – we are very fortunate that many of our own staff, and trained volunteers provide weekly sports clubs and activities at no charge to the school.  This means that we need to spend less on staffing than many schools.  The generosity of our staff and volunteers, mean that our work to improve sports, health and fitness is highly sustainable.

Please Note:  As Norbury shares a site with Stiperstones CE Primary School, and there is a prescribed alteration for Stiperstones in place for education and activities to be combined, some activities show a zero or low spend.  This does not mean that the activities haven’t taken place, it is simply that we share the costs with Stipesrtones.

Additional Activity

Amount Spent


Specialist weekly coaching and sports clubs.


Please note that whilst we provide this extensively, trained volunteers and our own staff currently deliver this at no cost to the school.


Specialist coaching, working alongside teaching staff has provided:  cricket, football, dance and gymnastics teaching for children and support and guidance for staff members to deliver enhanced provision in the future.  Develop self-esteem. We also provide daily sports clubs during lunchtimes, which are available free of charge to all children. Staff members are now able to deliver this provision independently and thus making the provision sustainable in the long term.

Bus Hire and Minibus Hire


We use our own and additional transport to attend competitions, festivals and off-site training. We have provided excellent opportunities in outdoor and adventurous activities such as rock climbing, canoeing, orienteering, kayaking, archery, surfing and mountain biking etc. Additional swimming lessons through the year for all year groups are a priority of the school.  These are additional to our statutory requirements and because of these, children often excel at swimming.  

Swimming Life Guard and additional pool hire (additional to national curriculum requirements)


To allow swimming sessions for all age groups, additional to national curriculum requirements.

Half-termly Inter-schools games for KS1/KS2 organized at CCBC


To attend competitions and half-termly inter-schools games.  Children gain exposure to new sports and complete with other schools.  Develop self-esteem.

Sports equipment and repairs


(Majority of spend on Stiperstones statement.)

To improve provision in school, including a share in the cost of new adventure and fitness equipment.  This equipment is additional to normal capital purchases and we decided to spend in this area so that all children have daily access to exciting and inspiring provision.  Much of the equipment is also available for use outside of normal school hours. This year we have also invested further in our cycling programme, purchasing a full range of safety equipment (knee pads, elbow pads etc) to enable children to develop skills in mountain biking. This has been very successful and we plan to develop further in 2023/24 to include KS1 children.  We will then have full cycling and mountain biking provision for all children, Nursery to Yr6.

Additional sports activities and outdoor and adventurous opportunities and clubs.


To provide specialist provision for outdoor and adventurous activities to develop fitness, confidence and self-esteem. For example, adventure club and additional sporting opportunities whilst on residential visits. 

Staff Training


Staff training updates.

Safety Inspections






Carried Forward





Children’s Achievement and Attainment in Swimming 2022/23

Through our policy of promoting swimming from the Reception Year through to Year 6, and the additional funding put to teaching and learning additional to the minimum requirements of the National Curriculum, we  expect all children who started their school careers with us to achieve significantly beyond the minimum expectations. 

Swim 25 metres, unaided by end of Year 6                                                   100%

Swim using a range of styles by end of Year 6                                              100%

Successfully use personal survival techniques by end of Year 6                  100% 

Impact of Our Sports Strategy

Covid significantly impacted our usual pattern of inter-school competition and attendance at inter-school sports events in recent years.  However, we have endeavoured to ensure that all children continued to develop a love of sport and adventure during this time. For example, by encouraging individual sports and adventure challenges and providing greater opportunity for individual sports. During this time, we have also invested in equipment to provide greater opportunities for on-site fitness and enjoyment of sport.  For example, by purchasing a fleet of mountain bikes and installing adventure play and fitness equipment for all age groups. Evidence of the success of these investments is obvious every day at play times, lunch times and during dedicated mountain biking sessions.  Children love this equipment, and it inspires them to play and be active.  The significant investment of funds in high quality additional equipment will continue to have a positive impact for many years to come.

During the current year we have seen regular sports events getting back to normal and we anticipate that the coming year will see even greater opportunities for sports and adventure.  A key feature of our strategy for 2023/24 is to further develop our cycling programme.  All of the children who have taken part so far have really enjoyed it and benefitted in many ways.  By employing two cycling coaches/sports, we can now extend this provision for every child in the whole Federation.

Shropshire Hills Federation is fully committed to the promotion and development of healthy lifestyles for children and adults.